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Amor Kebbe

  • Competencies
    Agriculture & Farming, Arts & Entertainment, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Extreme Sports, Hospitality Industry, Financial Industry, Academia, Manufacturing & Technology, Chemical & Pharma
  • Masters in Coaching and Behavioural Change. Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership. Professional Certificate in Coaching. Masters in Contemporary Islamic Studies. Bachelor of Islamic Studies. Certified Professional Executive Coach, Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision. Diploma in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training, Active IQ Level 2 & 3. Member of the Henley Centre for Coaching.
  • Languages
    Arabic, English, Arabic, English
  • Interests
    LGBTQ+, Pets & Animals, Mindfulness

Amor’s journey spans three continents and encompasses two distinct career transitions, making him a Mobility Mentor with a unique perspective at BetterGo. Prior to his role as a Mobility Mentor, he had a successful career in higher education that laid the foundation for his passion for personal and professional development.

Amor’s coaching journey was a natural progression from his own experiences in navigating the complexities of life transitions. Having crossed borders, built new social networks, and adapted to different cultural landscapes on three continents, he brings invaluable empathy to his practice.

His coaching approach is founded on the establishment of strong, trust-based relationships with clients. He understands that transitions can be challenging, and his mission is to guide individuals back to their motivations and purpose, no matter how daunting the journey may seem.

Amor specializes in providing support to individuals as they transition to new roles and embark on journeys to unfamiliar cities, recognizing the emotional challenges that often accompany such profound changes. His diverse background uniquely equips him to assist clients throughout the process ensuring that clients not only survive but thrive during times of transition.



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